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Our most profound and impactful work is accomplished when we combine our strengths with the gifts of others.

At Dancing Shepherd, we provide coaching and leadership consultative services, personal and professional skill development, and connection to a community focused on helping others pursue a more purposeful and intrinsically passionate life. 


In short, love what you do, be good at it, and help lift others to do the same. 


Dancing Shepherd is led by co-founders Sam and Michelle Senn with support from an inspired and talented pool of fun, highly capable (seriously good) people.  Our colleagues come from a variety of industries, personal backgrounds and different parts of the world yet they all share a few common traits. 


Each has genuine hands-on leadership expertise with a proven track record of success.  Each are highly regarded for their authenticity, discretion and skill in helping others create sustaining personal and professional growth.  And they all abide by the core value of paying-it-forward.      


At Dancing Shepherd we call it the gift of the Primal Virtue. 

A worthwhile vision, an ability to engage and empower others, and the tenacity to make it so.          


Co-Founder's Biographies

CEO & Co-Founder

AKA PoppaGroove



Family, Music, History, Travel

Theme Songs:

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

Across the Universe

It's a Long Way to the Top

Nature Boy (NKC)

Que' Sera Sera

Fav Lyric:

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

Nationally known for his award-winning skill in developing principle-centered organizations Sam helps you create high-performing organizational cultures where people are engaged, inspired and passionate about what they do. 







Sam is an experienced guide in helping you bring out the best in yourself, the best in others and turning vision into action to deliver bottom-line results.  Clients value Sam’s skill in translating academic theory into real-world strategies and behaviors that directly improve personal and organizational leadership effectiveness. 

As a strategic advisor, coach and mentor Sam has successfully served a wide diversity of private and public sector organizations to include biotechnology, aviation, hospitality, manufacturing, philanthropic foundations, health care, mining, energy,, finance, legal, insurance, tech & software, e-commerce, media and more. 


As a senior executive with the State of Washington Sam led an organization with over 4000 staff and a billion+ dollar portfolio.  Sam also served as the president and ethics chair of the Washington State Quality Award; an organization that provides quality assessments, performance consultation and best-in-class recognition for private, public and non-profit organizations.

Sam performed his undergraduate work at the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA and holds an executive master’s degree from the University of Washington.  Sam share’s a home with Michelle, his lovely wife of 32 years.



Dir of Customer Care & Co-Founder

AKA Ikea Monkey



Kids, Grandbabies, Cooking, Travel

Theme Songs:

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Let's Go Crazy

Fields of Gold

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Michelle (my Belle)

Fav Lyric:

All You Need is Love

Michelle has 30+ years of public and private sector experience managing multi-million dollar programs and professional staff with a specialty in Healthcare IT, healthcare policy, change management, and redesign of complex legacy systems.  She has played an integral leadership role in helping to redesign and implement critical policy and infrastructure changes in MMIS (Medicaid Management Information Systems) for the states of Washington, Maryland and California. 


As a leader Michelle has managed diverse teams representing a variety of technical disciplines in remote locations throughout the US and abroad.  Whether it is coordinating and leading project teams (virtual and in-person), managing diverse and often competing stakeholder interests, or working intimately with customers to define needs and specifications, Michelle is well-respected and appreciated for her sincere and authentic approach to relationships and ability to get things done.      


As co-founder of Dancing Shepherd, Michelle is most passionate about seeing people succeed.  If she can help an individual apply the Dancing Shepherd core philosophies, coaching and tools to successfully traverse life’s difficult challenges, while honoring their values and core beliefs, then she has accomplished her goal.


Her passion is to see happy people doing well and doing well by each other. 


The people that make Michelle most happy are her children, grandchildren, and her husband of over 32 years.  They fill her heart with laughter, love and a never ending joy and appreciation for life.


A partial list of organizations served:

BMW of North America * PNC Financial Services * Dana Corp * Pratt & Whitney * Chicago Federal Executive Board * University of Maryland * Hormel *  DC Superior Courts * Mendocino Community Health * City of Bellevue, WA * Food & Drug Administration * US Dept of Agriculture *

WA Dept of Social & Health Svc * National Institutes of Health * Hackensack University Medical * Olympus Surgical * Centers for Disease Control * Environmental Protection Agency * Fairfield Medical Center * Columbia University * BTG International * TekSystems * PNW Aeronautical Association * Charles Schwab * Quote Wizard * Time Warner * Veterans Administration * Allianz * Loudon County, VA * Amgen * United States Tennis Association * Kimco Commercial Realty * Financial Industry Regulatory Authority * Performance Food Group * ENERNOC * Enbridge * Drager Medical Systems * Hartford Metropolitan District Commission * NYC Council of Carpenters * General Physics * Rock Springs Memorial Hospital * OpenX Software


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